Social media training

I have trained journalists across Canada on social media strategies, techniques and how to engage readers using various user generated-content tools.

Example of my training:

Presenting at the Ontario Community Newspaper Association’s annual conference in April, 2014.


YouTube video

Acted as producer of all Canoe.ca video webisodes. Manage YouTube channel.

During the Sochi Olympics, I oversaw a successful project to produce in-house trending videos, which doubled our video traffic compared to the summer games.


Interactive video

I’ve used different tech tools, including Google Hangouts to engage readers in new ways.

Google Hangout with Toronto Sun tech writer Steve Tilley and other guests.

Turning social media into stories

Tools such as Storify and RebelMouse are great ways of curating social content.


Engaging readers using live chats



Breaking Bad live chat, August 12, 2012

Royal Baby live chat, July 10, 2013


Long-term digital projects

Organized a major editorial campaign across more than 120 Sun Media newspaper sites inviting readers to ask questions of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield during his mission on the International Space Station in 2013. More than 400 people posted questions for Hadfield through Sun Media’s websites, e-mail or via Twitter. Hadfield answered the questions by video. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.20.58 AM


Sample of Articles


Wineries Strive for clarity in cellared-in-Canada labels, October 6, 2009

Ontario vintners want more shelf space, May, 12, 2011

Little things make a big difference at tasting bar, March 19, 2010


Connecticut school shooting, Rush to be be first continues to implicate before proof online, December 12, 1014

Falling for the Bahamas, May 13, 2013


Pursuits: A vintage obsession, Profit Magazine, January 31, 2009

 Living Large: Jenn Arnold and Bill Klein have found success in their professions, Abilities magazine, Fall, 2011



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