The power of Twitter search

Had a request from a reporter recently asking me to help her find tweets sent out by a particular Twitter user on a specific day. Challenge accepted.

After giving it some thought, I scoured Twitter advanced search for the answer. There are so many awesome Twitter shortcuts you can use to find information, enabling you to find everything from tweets sent from a particular user to specific time periods to posts with positive or negative feelings.

How we found reporter Don Peat’s tweets from July 11. Using the search field I keyed in: ‘from:(username) until:date’


Trouble is, I don’t think a lot of journalists know Twitter search terms exists.

Here’s a screenshot of all the wonderful ways you can find information on Twitter. Go forth and find great content, reporters and editors.

You can also use Twitter’s advanced search tool. However, it doesn’t offer you the ability to search for a particular time frame.




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