Accuracy of news in the Twitter age

Checked out the Canadian Journalism Foundation’s J-Talk last night on The Twitter Effect: Is Journalism Still Able to Get it Right?

The panel included public editors/digital journalist/commentators at the forefront of curating good, accurate content from social media, including NPR’s Andy Carvin and GigaOM writer Mathew Ingram. I was particularly interested in what Carvin had to say. He was the Twitter force behind gathering solid content, sources during the Arab Spring and was among the social media leaders cutting through the chaos during the recent Newtown shootings.

During Thursday’s J-Talk, Carvin described his method as an “open source newsroom” where he transparently verifies information by asking his followers and includes them in the process by explaining his methods – step by step – via Twitter. He admits when he’s wrong and doesn’t delete inaccurate tweets. Carvin’s technique runs counter in many ways to how newsrooms have traditionally run – i.e. gatekeepers of information.

The event was livestreamed and liveblogged, for those who want to see the J-Talk in its entirety.

I’ve selected some tweets from last night’s event – using Storify – that I feel capture the tone, narrative of the panel.

[View the story “Canadian Journalism Foundation J-talk on Twitter verification, reporting accuracy” on Storify]


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