I stream, you stream we all scream for livestream

About three months ago my husband and I scaled back to basic cable. (Feel free to gasp now). Our plan: To supplement our 30 channel compliment (First World Problems) with online content. We’ve been streaming A LOT of programs <Netflix, AppleTV, channel apps> since and we’re really not missing old school TV.

Like many people, I want content on demand. That’s where I think QMI newsrooms could be doing even more to capitalize on this trend: live web is the new TV.

Becoming adept at producing quality live-streaming, particularly in local markets under-serviced by television stations, offers a huge opportunity, in my view. We could be offering more content – as it happens. Couple that with a live blog to give readers the chance to comment as events unfold – essentially building a second screen experience within one frame – and you’ve got a powerful tool. A recent study out of the UK study suggests live blogs outperform other content online by a whopping 300%.

The London Free Press is doing a lot of high quality livestreaming. Full props to LFP online editor Mike Knoll and his team. The Ottawa Sun has used it. So has the Niagara Falls Review, which ran a hugely successful livestream last year of the Wallenda walk. Leave me know if your team has, too. Send me a comment.

While I’ve played with streaming video, I haven’t perfected it. So recently, I turned to Knoll for some help:

Main websites for streaming video: Livestream, Ustream, Check out the user guide for Livestream.

Here’s what Mike has to say:

“LFP has streamed at least 150 times — the necessary equipment chain is:
Panasonic P2 -> Firewire cable -> Mac Book Pro -> LiveStream procaster -> website embed.
Like all things, there’s a ton of trouble shooting to get it right the first time but once you do, it pays off enormously. We’ve found – if pressed – we can set up a stream in less than 5 minutes. We’ve had no problems using an iPhone hotspot as an internet connection.
A great benefit we’ve found lately with the streaming is that you can record the stream in the livestream software and embed it on your site as soon as the event is done. For press conferences we’ve stopped doing produced videos and have simply embedded the archived stream in the article. Huge time saver and depending on who’s running the camera, it can come off as a pretty polished package.”

The LFP live-streamed the Joe Fontana story. Check it out:


Watch live streaming video from lfpress at livestream.com





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