Quick Twitter tip: Mention, mention, mention

I’ve started obsessing over how stories, pictures, videos get picked up and explode on Twitter. How does something like #depressingsitcoms suddenly go viral and become a Top 10 Twitter trend in Canada and the U.S. today.

Topsy.com offers some answers. I mentioned Topsy in yesterday’s post.

Let’s take #depressingsitcoms. Looks like it got its start on Oct. 13 with actor/comedian in L.A. named @johnfugalsang (69,000 followers). Not positive if he came up with it or got the popular tweet train rolling. The key is the message got into the hands of a key influencer on Twitter.


John kept using the #depressingsitcoms hashtag and soon other key influencers were picking it up and spreading the message.


By Thursday, this happens. Mentions of #depressingsitcoms goes from 2,110 to 28,896 in five days.

Now, some QMI examples.

On Monday, an Edmonton Sun story about a sick girl getting a visit from Justin Bieber goes up and gets picked up by the Toronto Sun. The Sun quickly notices the story is doing well and moves it to their home page. (Kudos) Someone in Biebs camp must see the story on the Sun’s website, likely through a Google alert. (Unfortunately, no tweet went out). Then this happens.


And this happens: (It becomes the Sun’s third most viewed piece of content this week. Huge)


In this case, we got lucky that Biebs peeps picked up the story. BUT this drives home the importance of taking a minute to look up the proper Twitter handle for a source, agency, organization, and yes, a celeb, and use it in our tweets. Get our content in the Twitter feeds of key influencers. Most of us are doing this, but we need to be consistent. It can make a big difference, increase the chances of our content being seen and drive more traffic to our sites.

Sometimes, you get a response, an RT, etc. Good for you and your news organization.



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