Adventures in live blogging

Some of you may have checked out my live blog yesterday. Turns out the Sun sent reporter, Maryam Shah, and photographer, Ernest Doroszuk, to the Trudeau event so we happily live blog tag-teamed.

Not everything was perfect. While I’ve live blogged and run chats plenty of times in the past, it’s been a while since I’ve been out in the field. I’m happy I did it and I’ll do it again. It helps me help you. Note: I recommend editors get out there and try it at least once.

What I learned from my live blogging experience yesterday: Always have a back-up plan. Thank goodness I did. I had banked on using the Art Gallery of Ontario’s free WiFi (highlighted on its website. did my research) to power up my iPad2/bluetooth keyboard combo (pictured below). I arrived at the AGO 15 mins early, thinking I’d have plenty of time to log on. Turns out WiFi works on the first floor of the gallery but not the third, where the Trudeau event was held. I tried, in vain, to tether my iPad to my iPhone4S (see YouTube video on how to do this). But my iPad couldn’t locate my dang phone, which was low on battery juice – because I thought I’d be using my iPad. Alas, yours truly found herself hunting like a crazy woman for an outlet to plug in my cell phone so I could live blog for the next 45 mins. Mission accomplished.

What was useful: ScribbleLive iPhone app (there’s also one for BlackBerry) The app allowed me to follow the event, moderate comments, upload a video (only shoot about 25 seconds or less or it will take forever to load or perhaps not at all). Tag-team blogging: Try not to repeat posts. Noticed Maryam was rocking it and pumping out a transcript of the event, so I opted to shoot video, take pics, provide commentary and ask questions. (I was the crazy girl running across the room (plug in back) to snap a shot up front before dashing back to charge up – again.) What I wish I had: A tripod or monopod for my iPhone and a zoom lens to avoid camera shake and to get close-up shots. I’ll offer mobile tips in the weeks to come. I’ve got a willing guinea pig in St. Catharines helping me out.iPad


TweetDeck gets an update: Some of you may have noticed TweetDeck got an update this week. It’s all cosmetic. Columns are numbered now. (Sarcastic wow). You can switch between a dark and light background. (kinda useful) You can change font size. I’ve scanned articles on this and that appears to be the only updates.
To get these awesome updates: Windows users need to restart the app, Chrome app users need to restart the Google browser, and Mac users have to go the Mac App store for updates.



Interesting reading: Exhaustive study of Twitter Users Across the World. Highlights: Women use Twitter more than men, most are between 15 and 25 years old, 2.92% of the world’s 27 million active users are from Canada, and so much more.

Because it’s Friday and it’s fun:

Social sickness: The 10 types of social media addicts. Think I’m a cross between a verb creator/alert lover/constant checker. What are you?

News Cat GIFs. Yes, cats caught in newsroom situations. Compliments of Samie Durnford, national online editor.




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