Find your social media organization tool style

This is for the folks who haven’t discovered the wonders of social media organization tools and for those looking for alternatives to managing multiple accounts.

Most of us news types have several social media platforms to manage. Our newsroom-branded Twitter account, our personal Twitter account, Facebook fan pages, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

Find a tool that matches your style:

I haven’t found the perfect tool to manage them all, but here are a few. I’m going to break them down by one’s social personality. (Yes, I’m making this a thing)

For the Twitter addicts (like me): My recommendation is TweetDeck. This tool allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts, which is great. But best of all you can add columns that let you track @mentions, #hashtags, and (my personal favourite) my Twitter lists. You can add Facebook, too, but meh. This app enables you to schedule Tweets. ** I’d schedule with caution. That scheduled tweet about a celeb’s new movie might look silly if he just died and nobody remembered to delete that scheduled tweet. Note: Twitter owns Tweetdeck and has said it plans on putting its sole focus on this app (sorry Tweetie)


For the social business types: My recommendation is Hootsuite. It’s your one-stop shopping to house a lot of social apps. From here you can manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+. It limits you to one account per platform unless you have a pro account. If you want to team manage accounts, you also have to upgrade to pro ($). You could just share a password and log on at different times. This tool allows you to blast out the same message on different platforms at the same time. Use with caution. Facebook pages require fewer posts per day (5 to 12) compared with Twitter (multiple posts welcome). Hashtags don’t really fly on LinkedIn. It also allows you to schedule tweets. Hootsuite also owns another social organization tool, Seesmic.


For the adventurous social user: Try something new! BufferApp is getting some buzz. I’ve just started playing it. Seems to be good for scheduling content, team managing accounts and has some funky add-on apps. This one seems useful in general: Tweriod. It analyzes your followers/tweets and spits out a report suggesting the best time to tweet.


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