So many tech tools, so little time … Storify

I’m going to spend this short week looking at four tech tools that will (hopefully) save you time and/or enhance your product with little effort.

I’m going to start off with Storify , everyone’s favourite online reaction-gathering tool. I’m sure most of you have heard of Storify and many of you have used it. For that reason I’m going to break this post down into two sections: Beginners and advanced users.

Storify for beginners

What is Storify? Easy-to-use online tool that enables you to pull content from social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and turn it into a readable story.

When to use it? When people react online, Storify, Storify, Storify. Hot topics in your community, weather (always big), political reaction, major spot news, festivals/concerts, etc.

How to use it? You can create an account through Twitter, Facebook or email. Ensure you create one newsroom branded account and give access to employees who create content online. Once you’re in, search for and drag reader comments/posts/pics/videos to create a social story (see below). Take the Storify tour to show you how to use.


Once you’ve created your story, share it: Hit the Publish button. This will give you the option of publicizing your Storify. (i.e. alert people through Twitter that they’ve been quoted in your story). I recommend doing this. They people you quote will likely check out your Storify and share it with friends. Next: Embed on your website. Copy and paste the embed code (see below) into Fatwire by following these steps: Once you’re in simple story hit “source” and paste the code where you want it and then hit save. **Important: If you update the story you have to input the Storify code again. Javascript code (the kind used for Storify) doesn’t stick in our system. Email me if you have more questions about this.


Advanced Storify Users

Making a good Storify: What elevates a good Storify to a great one is truly telling a story within Storify. I like a bit of order to the social reaction chaos.

Here’s one issue – Justin Trudeau running for Liberal leader – told four ways on Storify:
1. Creating Top 10 type lists of reaction:
2. Hints of commentary:
3. A timeline to explain how we got here:
4. Some background about his dad. I don’t know who Billie Marlow is but this is kind of neat.

(Important) A few other tips: Storify has a bookmarklet tool that allows you to grab content from anywhere and scoop it up as you search. Very handy for Reddit, Facebook, old tweets, etc.

There’s also a Storify slideshow option: If you find the long version too clunky, there could be times when a slideshow works better.

SunMedia Storify star: Mark Daniell

More Storify reading from Steve Buttry c/o Mike Therien: How to find sources through Storify.

Storify polled users on Twitter: What’s OK to curate

One person to start following on Twitter this week: Sree Sreenivasan, chief digital officer at Columbia’s Journalism School. He shares truly great content. Worthwhile checking out his Twitter lists.


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