To delete or not to delete that tweet

Few last things from the Online News Association conference:

Social media best practices:

The debate panel: Anthony De Rosa, Eric Carvin, Liz Heron, Niketa Patel All are social media editors at major media companies in the U.S.

The highlights:

  • To delete or not to delete. That’s still a question, apparently. Some of the panelists (De Rosa) said they never delete a tweet that contains inaccurate information , typos, etc. They just correct, point out errors in subsequent tweet. Others said (Heron) she does delete tweets that contain flagrant factual errors, misleading info to try and stem the tide of Twitter misinformation, rumours.
  • RTs and likes: They’re not endorsements! Everyone agreed. Feel free to follow whomever you want on Twitter and Like pages you need to on Facebook to do your job, cover your beat.
  • When to tweet: If you have a big exclusive, don’t tweet it until your news org is ready to put it out there. For other news, tweet it out. Main message: Things move so quickly “that’s it’s going to be reported one way or another.” (De Rosa) Don’t focus on speed at the expense of accuracy (Patel).
  • On journalists expressing an opinion on social networks: The general consensus was it’s OK to express your personality and offer perspective, particularly giving context to big stories, issues. You’re the expert on your beat and people will value what you have to say. If you express strong views you run the risk of hurting your credibility and your organization’s reputation.

Here’s a link to all sessions (with videos) for the really keen.



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