Welcome to Monique’s Morning Minute blog!

Welcome to Monique’s Morning Minute.

This is going to be a place for us Sun Media types to swap social media tips. Consider me your tour guide, helping you navigate an ever-changing digital landscape. (** blame this metaphor on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon).

Who am I? An online geek with a background in local news. I spent nine years as a reporter and a city editor, most recently at the St. Catharines Standard, before landing at Sun HQ. I was always the keener trying out new online toys and urging my colleagues to do the same. More about me here.

I understand that it’s a challenge juggling the needs of a newsroom: both online and print. I’ve been there.

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But reaching your audience on several platforms has become more important than ever before. Most of you are already on board, routinely using Twitter and Facebook, etc. I want to ensure that I help you put the best practices in place to optimize your use of these tools and help you explore new ones. My goal is to find the best examples of Google+, ScribbleLive – you name it – from across the chain and share it with the rest of the class.

Ask Me Anything (that one was for the Redditors) and I’ll help you in whatever way I can.

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